New to Canada? Use your home country’s license to drive here and prove experience for your Alberta Driver’s License. Explore our driver license translation services today!

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Getting a driver's license in Alberta, Canada

If you’re moving to Canada and have a foreign driver’s license, you may be eligible to exchange it for a Canadian license without additional tests, based on agreements with your home country. In Alberta, a certified translation of your license into English is required. Cethos is officially approved by the Government of Alberta to provide translations of foreign driver’s licenses and other documents, ensuring a seamless transition to driving in Canada.

Alberta Reciprocal Licensing Agreement

At Cethos Translation Services, we provide certified translations for your out-of-country driver’s license to meet Alberta’s reciprocal licensing requirements. We are authorized to provide translation services for the Government of Alberta. Countries included in this agreement are the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, and Taiwan. Our secure, fast, and reliable service ensures your documents are accurately translated, helping you easily exchange your foreign license for an Alberta license. For more information about this agreement, visit the Transportation Alberta website.

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Foreign Driver's License from non-reciprocating countries

At Cethos Translation Services, we are authorized to provide translation services for the Government of Alberta. We offer certified translations for your non-English driver’s license to meet Alberta’s non-reciprocal licensing requirements. Countries that typically issue driver’s licenses in languages other than English include China, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and India. Our secure, fast, and reliable service ensures your documents are accurately translated. For more information, visit the Transportation Alberta website.

Ukrainian Driver's License Translation

At Cethos Translation Services, we are dedicated to assisting Ukrainian immigrants in Alberta with the translation of their driver’s licenses. Our professional translation services ensure that your Class B or BE driver’s license from Ukraine can be exchanged without additional testing requirements. For other classes of licenses, we can help you translate your driver’s license or any other document you require to meet the licensing requirements in Alberta. We are committed to making your transition as smooth as possible.

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supported languages

Languages we translate

Our translation services cover personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passport stamps, passports, and more from over 95+ languages. Here are some of the most commonly translated languages we work with on a daily basis.

✓ Mandarin
✓ Korean
✓ Turkish
✓ Telugu
✓ Nepali
✓ Azeri
✓ Hindi
✓ Thai
✓ Persian (Farsi)
✓ Gujarati
✓ Hebrew
✓ Khmer
✓ Arabic
✓ Urdu
✓ Indonesian
✓ Marathi
✓ Kazakh
✓ Lao
✓ Bengali
✓ Punjabi
✓ Malay
✓ Kannada
✓ Mongolian
✓ Burmese
✓ Japanese
✓ Vietnamese
✓ Tamil
✓ Sinhalese
✓ Armenian
✓ Swahili
✓ Igbo
✓ Oromo
✓ Sesotho
✓ Bambara
✓ Arabic
✓ Zulu
✓ Kinyarwanda
✓ Chichewa
✓ Luo
✓ Amharic
✓ Somali
✓ Xhosa
✓ Wolof
✓ Hausa
✓ Berber
✓ Shona
✓ Ewe
✓ Yoruba
✓ Malagasy
✓ Tigrinya
✓ Fulani
✓ English
✓ Italian
✓ Czech
✓ Norwegian
✓ Romanian
✓ Estonian
✓ Spanish
✓ Portuguese
✓ Hungarian
✓ Bulgarian
✓ Ukrainian
✓ Albanian
✓ French
✓ Dutch
✓ Swedish
✓ Serbian
✓ Belarusian
✓ Macedonian
✓ Russian
✓ Polish
✓ Danish
✓ Slovak
✓ Latvian
✓ English
✓ Inuktitut
✓ Dutch
✓ Spanish
✓ Navajo
✓ Ojibwe
✓ French
✓ Cherokee
✓ Mi’kmaq
✓ Haitian Creole
✓ Cree
✓ Dene
✓ Spanish
✓ Mapudungun
✓ Shipibo-Conibo
✓ Portuguese
✓ Wayuu
✓ Nheengatu
✓ Quechua
✓ Warao
✓ Ticuna
✓ Guarani
✓ Asháninka
✓ Kichwa
✓ Aymara
✓ Achuar
✓ Shuar