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Get certified translation your documents with a reliable translation agency. We offer translations for various documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, academic records, and more from over 95 languages to English. Our certified translations are backed by 100% Acceptance Guarantee1

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We provide customized solutions to meet your specific translation requirements. Whether you need translations for IRCC, college admissions, or driver’s license applications, you can trust us to meet your needs. Here are some key benefits you can always expect from Cethos.

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Ricardo SolisRicardo Solis
18:59 23 Apr 24
Fast and efficient!!! I called on a Monday to send my driver's license and the next day I received the translation.
Rostyslav AntonetsRostyslav Antonets
18:31 22 Apr 24
I am very satisfied with the service! 63 dollars and the transfer of rights is ready the next day!!!
Aleksandr LeonAleksandr Leon
20:37 17 Apr 24
Everything is fine, thank you very much)
Даша ДошикДаша Дошик
20:31 17 Apr 24
Very fast response to my request!! Absolutely recommend this company
Sss “MaGGoT” ssSSss “MaGGoT” ssS
19:55 17 Apr 24
Ada NnaniAda Nnani
17:33 09 Apr 24
Impeccable service. Great attention to details, very kind and responsible professionals! Helped me with a tight deadline and managed to get my translation done within 24h. Highly recommend !!!
Sarvgunn SampannSarvgunn Sampann
22:24 09 Mar 24
Thank you Cethos Translation for quick response and work! Also, thank you so much Preeti for all your assistance in throughout the process! For all the translations everyone must choose Cethos Translation!
Yashdeep SinghYashdeep Singh
22:19 09 Mar 24
Cethos team did wonderful job! I needed to translate my documents to process in IRCC and they have done my translation in one day! Thank you! I will highly recommend it to all the people!!
Hanlim WangHanlim Wang
21:30 08 Mar 24
Preeti is very nice, she kindly replied my questions and concerns that solved all my problems. The transition work was done very well!
Taxed SWTaxed SW
21:13 28 Feb 24
Everything was perfect from the first time we came, the service is very good, i loved every second of me being there, they treat u very nice and especially preeti she was amazing with her service, she’s very nice, supportive and extremely helpfull in her job, thank you so much cethos for these amazing workers and their service.
supported languages

Languages we translate

Our translation services cover personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passport stamps, passports, and more from over 95+ languages. Here are some of the most commonly translated languages we work with on a daily basis.

✓ Mandarin
✓ Korean
✓ Turkish
✓ Telugu
✓ Nepali
✓ Azeri
✓ Hindi
✓ Thai
✓ Persian (Farsi)
✓ Gujarati
✓ Hebrew
✓ Khmer
✓ Arabic
✓ Urdu
✓ Indonesian
✓ Marathi
✓ Kazakh
✓ Lao
✓ Bengali
✓ Punjabi
✓ Malay
✓ Kannada
✓ Mongolian
✓ Burmese
✓ Japanese
✓ Vietnamese
✓ Tamil
✓ Sinhalese
✓ Armenian
✓ Swahili
✓ Igbo
✓ Oromo
✓ Sesotho
✓ Bambara
✓ Arabic
✓ Zulu
✓ Kinyarwanda
✓ Chichewa
✓ Luo
✓ Amharic
✓ Somali
✓ Xhosa
✓ Wolof
✓ Hausa
✓ Berber
✓ Shona
✓ Ewe
✓ Yoruba
✓ Malagasy
✓ Tigrinya
✓ Fulani
✓ English
✓ Italian
✓ Czech
✓ Norwegian
✓ Romanian
✓ Estonian
✓ Spanish
✓ Portuguese
✓ Hungarian
✓ Bulgarian
✓ Ukrainian
✓ Albanian
✓ French
✓ Dutch
✓ Swedish
✓ Serbian
✓ Belarusian
✓ Macedonian
✓ Russian
✓ Polish
✓ Danish
✓ Slovak
✓ Latvian
✓ English
✓ Inuktitut
✓ Dutch
✓ Spanish
✓ Navajo
✓ Ojibwe
✓ French
✓ Cherokee
✓ Mi’kmaq
✓ Haitian Creole
✓ Cree
✓ Dene
✓ Spanish
✓ Mapudungun
✓ Shipibo-Conibo
✓ Portuguese
✓ Wayuu
✓ Nheengatu
✓ Quechua
✓ Warao
✓ Ticuna
✓ Guarani
✓ Asháninka
✓ Kichwa
✓ Aymara
✓ Achuar
✓ Shuar

Uses of Certified Translation






Certified Translation Pricing

Certified translations are necessary for various legal documents, including but not limited to immigration-related forms and papers such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, police records, and passport stamps. The majority of standard translations (consisting of 1-3 pages) are typically finalized within a 1-3 business day timeframe.

For pricing calculation, a page is defined as a document with less than 250 words. Multipage discount is applicable only on documents containing more than 1 page, but single certification.

data security

We take data security very seriously

Protecting your data is our top priority. Our communication channels use 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your information. Additionally, we guarantee your security by purging your personal documents 30 days after your order and shredding printed copies every 3 months. Trust us to maintain the utmost privacy for your data.

Certified Translation Process

1. Upload your documents for translation

Please upload a clear and legible copy of your documents. You can either scan your documents or take a picture.

2. Add your contact information

Please provide us with your basic contact information so that we can reach out to you if needed and deliver your translations securely.

3. Select language(s) and purpose

Choose the original language of your document, target language needed and the purpose for which you require the translation.

4. Select your preferred delivery method

A scanned copy is always free with your order, along with it, you can choose between pickup from our office, or get it delivered by regular post at no additional charge.

5. Receive quote & make payment

With the quote ,we'll send you information about how to make the payment to confirm your order. You can pay using credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or eTransfer

6. Receive your translated documents

You'll receive your translate documents by email first, we encourage that you look at the documents as soon as possible and reach out if you find any discrepancies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified translation?
A certified translation, according to the Government of Canada, involves translating documents from a language other than English or French into one of these official languages. The translation must be accompanied by an affidavit sworn by the translator in front of an authorized commissioner, attesting to the accuracy of the translation and the translator’s proficiency in both languages.
Where is certified translation used?

In Canada, certified translations are essential in a variety of official and legal settings. They are commonly required for immigration and citizenship applications, where documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and police clearance certificates must be submitted in one of Canada’s official languages, English or French. Additionally, certified translations are often necessary for legal proceedings, including court documents and evidence presented in trials. Educational institutions may require certified translations of academic records for students who have studied abroad. Similarly, employers may request certified translations of documents related to previous employment or qualifications from another country. These translations ensure that all documents comply with Canadian standards for accuracy and authenticity.

How long does it take to get a document translated and certified?
The timeframe for translating and certifying a document can vary based on the document’s complexity and the language pair involved. At Cethos Translation Services, most one-page documents, such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and marriage certificates, etc. are typically translated within 2 business days. This expedited service ensures that essential documents are processed quickly to meet your deadlines without compromising accuracy or quality.
Is my personal information kept secure during the translation process?
At Cethos Translation Services, protecting your data is our top priority. We utilize a secure translation management system to distribute and collect documents for translation, ensuring that your personal information is handled safely. We encourage our clients to use our website or the secure link we provide to upload documents through a secure channel. We discourage the use of emails for sending sensitive documents. Our communication channels are fortified with 256-bit encryption to safeguard your information. For added security, we purge your personal documents from our systems 30 days after your order is completed and shred any printed copies every 3 months. Trust us to maintain the utmost privacy and security for your data.
How can I request a quote for a certified translation?

To request a quote for a certified translation, please fill out the quote request form right here on our website. Include details about the document you need translated, such as the type of document, the original language, and the target language, along with any specific requirements you might have. After submitting the form, our team will review your request and get back to you promptly with a detailed quote. This ensures that we provide you with the most accurate and tailored service estimate. If you need further assistance or have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us through the contact options available here.

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